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August 30, 2001

I’m Ian, and with my better half, Mike-D, I will be your Cultural Revolutionary for the year. While Mike suggested forays into non-musical forms of expression, I am content, at least for the interim, to keep tootin’ the D.C. music scene’s horn for these first few issues. Because, whether you know it or not, you have stumbled your way into one of the finest scenes in the country. While last week we focused on the Indie-Punk-Rock front, this week is a crash course in D.C. nightclubbing.

The D.C.-Balto area features one of the strongest club cultures in the nation. While there are typical booty hip-hop, Euro-trash and Top 40 bump’n’grind establishments, what lends the area its strength is a dedicated core of producers on the scene who have successfully blended the feel and history of the West Coast Rave with the energy and access of the U.K. club.

Most notably, in 1991 local legend Scott Henry established Fever, Baltimore’s bi-monthly bangin’ house party. The event was spearheaded by the likes of Charles Feelgood, Christopher Lawrence and Mr. Henry himself. As momentum built, Scott took a chance in D.C. with the newly renovated space at Nation (formerly the Capitol Ballroom) and founded what Urb magazine has consistently rated the No.1 party in America: Buzz.

Boasting three rooms, three levels, 40,000 watts, impeccable state-of-the-art lights and FX, booze and a huge-ass disco ball, Buzz is the mother of D.C. events, served by residents Dave Ralph, Taul Paul, Donald Glaude, Scott Henry and John Tab, with weekly visits from the likes of Adam Freeland, Darren Emerson, Hybrid, Christopher Lawrence and yes, Paul Oakenfold (ya’ just missed him). Both parties range from 10 to 15 bucks, better than you’ll do anywhere else, but watch out: Nation is in the ghetto. Plan on using your head, and probably a cab. It’s worth it and happens every Friday.

Just across the way you’ll find the Edge and Wet nightclubs. Typically gay in flavor, both parties offer a great time in a fun venue and provide slightly more alternative acts on the house, breakbeat and drum’n’bass fronts during their Saturday parties and massive M3 events. For more fun on the gay club front, check out Velvet on Saturdays at Nation or Badlands in Dupont Circle.

Both Glow and Red offer Thursday night parties at Club Zei on 18th Street. Note the slightly better neighborhood?with strong residents ranging from Micro to D:Fuse. However, pack your Sunday best?you’ll need collared shirts and your shiniest black shoes to get in.

For a more chill experience virtually any night of the week, head up to Adam’s Morgan?18th Street boasts Jazz, Hip-Hop and deep house, as well as fine African and Asian food and Latin Dancing flare, from Tryst to the Mambo Room.

If you’re feelin’ Euro-trashy, have some money to waste or value objectifying the opposite sex over the music, head to 5 or the Spot for Top 40 fun?you’ll lose my respect but might have a good time.

The bottom line is that D.C. has something for everyone?candy munching rave kid to Friday night drunk?we got you covered like a jimmy hat. There will be fliers around campus any day now, and the promoters will be at every party and store soon afterwards. Watch your back, shake yo’ ass and enjoy.

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