2008 Photo Contest


April 24, 2008

Check out the rest of our selections over on the Voice blog, Vox Populi.

Overall Winner, First Place – Color

Chris Svetlik, “Me Jumping”

“Taken on a farm in rural Texas. That’s me jumping.”

Second Place – Color

Wendy Wang. “abandoned”

“This picture shows another side of the clichéd ‘city of love’.While the deserted station seems unimpressive at first, it still manages to convey something oddly romantic even in its industrial look.”

Third Place – Color

Adam Wilson COL’11, “Star Way to Heaven”

“There is a steel sculpture outside of the museum that seems abstract in its structure, but if you look through the sculpture toward the sky when you get under the sculpture, you can see multiple Stars of David successively getting smaller and smaller.”

Honorable Mention – Color

Arjun Pant, “Tropical Asian Sunset”

“Sunset over the Straits of Johor, looking into Singapore.”

First Place – Black&White

Marley Moynahan, “Monbacho’s Children”

“These children, shyly willing to sit for a photograph, live on the side of the volcano Monbacho with their families and many stray mountain dogs.”

Second Place – Black&White

Talia Sandwick, “Vertigo”

Third Place – Black&White

Hamilton Jordan, “memories”

“I took this shot of Sarah in an odd but gorgeous park in Boston the day after a blizzard hit the East Coast.”

Honorable Mention – Black&White

Victoria Pratt, “Silhouette”

“This is a photo of the inside of a covered bridge on the Wissahickon Trail in Fairmount Park.”

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