Spring Fashion 2010

March 25, 2010

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In Full Bloom

Buds, buds everywhere, but not a flower to see! The balmy breezes and sunny days of early spring seem like a tease when you’re still looking at stark, leafless trees and muddy strips of yellow grass. Why not help spring spring by being the very flower everyone has been waiting for?

This season, skirts are blossoming from waists in a cascade of petal-like fringe, and floral frocks are making their yearly emergence from the cold soil of the back of the closet. A yearning for the verdant, vibrant colors of the perennial garden has been germinating all winter long, and it’s finally time to pull out those tulip-hued button-ups and lightweight scarves that were sadly stashed away a few months ago.

Show off those shapely stems with some high-waisted shorts, or free yourself to stretch, unhindered, towards the sun in an effortless onesie. Target has been kind enough to team up with the British textile designers at Liberty to bring the charm of gardens across the pond to the sundresses of Americans everywhere. Their delicate floral prints are cheap and splashed across everything from rain boots to dunks, so stock up.

The gentlemen among us may not feel quite the same exuberance for repeated pansy motifs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hop on the fun fabric train with some carefully chosen and exuberantly colored plaids. The addition of a smart bowtie never fails—it’s like a buttonhole flower that doesn’t wilt (as long as it’s properly tied!).

Summer will come soon and make us beg for snow again, so wear rosebuds while you can—or just go ahead and make some out of paper.

—Katie Norton

Photographed by: Emily Voigtlander

Styled by: Iris Kim, Kelsey McCullough, Miykaelah Sinclair, Katie Norton and Nico Dodd.

Modeled by: Jayson, Jheanelle and Margaret

Looks from: Urban Chic, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, J.Crew, Target, Forever 21, Levi’s, and H&M
Prices for specific looks are available in under the Notes tab in the Gallery Viewer.

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