You’ve got Issues: At least you’re not in Darnall

August 30, 2012

Dear Emlyn,

I’m a totally awesome freshman, and was expecting that I would be invited to all sorts of raging parties, right? Here’s the thing though– I don’t really know many people, and have yet to be invited to anything besides an ice cream social or two. It sucks. Am I doomed to wandering around Village A in a pack with 30 of my fellow freshmen?

-Friendless Frosh

Dear Frosh,

NO. No no no no no. Please, no. Avoid the freshman roam if at all possible, because it will make people hate you and it also will make you hate yourself. No offense. But there is hope. Go to SAC fair and sign up for a few things, but be judicious; I signed up for way too many things, including the step team—sort of jokingly, sort of not. Either way, it was a bad idea. Anyway, pick two or three activities that you can see yourself being a part of and commit to them.

That will form your social scene. Clubs are great because you’ll meet people who share your interests. Otherwise, the beginning of your first year can turn into hanging out with people who you don’t have much in common with besides the “awkward freshman” label.  Also, don’t freak out about not throwing down every night or not having new best friends after a week (or even after the first semester). These things take time, and you’ll be fine.

Dear Emlyn,

So my high school boyfriend and I decided to try the whole long distance thing as I start my career at Georgetown and he’s at Kenyon. Any tips on how to handle a long-distance romance while I’m trying to get involved in Georgetown’s social scene and meet new people?

-Sleepless in New South

Dear Sleepless,

I’m sure you know that lots of people are dead-set against long distance relationships, especially right as you’re starting college. It’s definitely hard, but if it’s worth it then that’s that. And who are any of us to say that it’s not worth it? Maybe he looks like Adam Brody and is an heir to the Godiva Chocolatier Company.

I’d suggest comparing schedules and finding a few times a week that you can Skype each other (actually, I prefer Google+ hangouts for all of my video chatting needs. It’s much better, even though “Skype” is the common verb nowadays). Sing him Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” during said Skype dates. Plan some visits, too, but give it a month or so in order for you to both get settled. If this relationship stops you from going out and having fun, then that’s your warning sign. Who says you can’t meet tons of new people and party a bit even if you’re taken? Don’t do anything stupid, and don’t keep it a secret that you have a boyfriend. Just don’t be sketchy, capiche?

Dear Emlyn,

At the beginning of every semester, I end up dropping a horrible amount of money on books, food, dorm supplies, and the like. I try to be careful with money, but there’s just so many things I need to stock up on while classes start. After move-in last year, my credit card was declined when I tried to buy an $11 Megabus ticket. How sad is that? Help me save some money as this school year gears up.

-Cash Flow Woes

Dear Cash Flow,

Right? The start of each semester is really exciting, but also terrible because the “new beginnings” vibe floating around campus can really tempt you into buying stupid things like a $40 shower rack or a pencil sharpener that looks like a high-heeled shoe. I saw both of these items at Target yesterday – stay away from them. You know what else I saw? A two-pack of Brita filters is more than $30. So so dumb. I say who cares. Tap water is fine, and chances are that someone else in your building/apartment has a Brita in your common fridge that you can use. Nobody needs to know—that’s my motto. Steal lots of food from Leos, eat Hot Pockets as meals, et cetera. Nobody needs to know.

As far as books go, see if you can borrow or share some. If you’re planning on buying them, take the time to research if there’s anywhere online where you can get the books for cheaper than they are at the bookstore. In fact, stay away from the bookstore in general… you can easily buy school supplies elsewhere, because do you really want to pay $20 extra to have all of your notebooks emblazoned with the Georgetown seal? No thank you.

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