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Dear Neha and Julian,

The other day I was walking down M Street wearing my salmon chinos, a white button-down, and green loafers. Everyone stared me down and I felt like Dorothy in the land of Oz. Even though it’s already fall, can I still wear my pastels and brights? Is this a faux pas?

– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

It is most definitely not a faux pas. Do not put away those colored slacks just yet! We often associate fall/winter with dark colors and find ourselves transitioning to a dreary dark palette of blacks, grays, and navies. But this season burgundy is the new black, orange is hot, and green has replaced navy as the new staple. Accessorize your brights with heavy winter knits and fall jackets. It’s all about being flexible with your wardrobe, so don’t fret if all you have in your closet is an assortment of clothes suitable for a Fruit of the Loom commercial. Pair a neutral sweater or a tweed jacket with your salmon chinos, and maybe just swap the green loafers for brown boots.

Dear Neha and Julian,

How do you match prints with each other? Florals, graphic prints, stripes, plaids etc. Do they need to have a particular color scheme?

– Hillary Heer (COL ’15)

Dear Hillary,

We have always been told not to match stripes with stripes or florals with florals, but if there is any time to do it, it’s here and now. You can definitely match prints with each other, and there is a simple way to make a statement. First, there doesn’t need to be a particular color scheme, as long as you don’t go too crazy. Looking at this season’s runway shows, Prada showcased heavy geometric prints on prints in bold hues and strong cuts. An easy collegiate way to do this would be to rock this season’s floral bottoms, whether it be leggings, pants, or skirts, with striped sweaters or textured tops. Try and keep your look either top or bottom heavy, so if you pick a bold flowery legging, try pairing with a subdued striped knit.

Dear Neha and Julian,

What is the verdict on Sperrys? No socks acceptable?

– Zach Ashenfarb (COL ’15)

Dear Zach,

Sperrys are certainly a Georgetown staple, and we want them to be as versatile as possible. To keep the tradition alive all year round, yes, you may want to wear socks. However, the white socks do need to go. Please. Just like you don’t wear white socks with dress shoes, please refrain from using them with any shoe unless you’re wearing trainers and going to work out at the gym. Instead, try cuffing your jeans or chinos (approximately 1.5 inches as per GQ instruction) and rocking a pair of statement socks.

To draw attention to your shoes, pick a fall stripe, quirky pattern, or, better yet, warm wool, to make your Sperrys seasonally appropriate. If you want to get away from the whole Sperry look, we recommend investing in a good pair of loafers that will take you from season to season. They work for everything from a fall evening out to a hot summer day.

Dear Neha and Julian,

Are combat boots still trendy? It seems as though they have been around for a few years now. Is this just a Georgetown fad? Can I still wear mine this season?

– Kimberly Yam (SFS ’14)

Dear Kimberly,

Yes. Combat boots are definitely something you want to have in your wardrobe. Although it seems to be a somewhat overdone trend, combat boots are definitely versatile, and so wearable. Transitioning from summer to fall, these boots are a great option for D.C.’s  capricious climate. You can wear them with tights or without, printed or solid, jeans or leggings. Given the numerous variations of the classic, you can tailor the boot to your style. Pick either a studded leather, or a classic brown lace-up, and, voilà, you are ready for you close-up.

Stay fabulous,

Neha and Julian

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