Critical Voices: Mindless Behavior, All Over the World

March 14, 2013

It’s not difficult to imagine the kind of drunken scenario in which teen band Mindless Behavior was named, and their latest album fails to indicate any deeper thought. Though promising addictive tracks that perfectly fit the definition of “ear candy,” All Around the World offers the kind of forgettable music that we see flit across pop charts on a daily basis.

Hardly signaling a departure from the pop sensation’s debut, #1 Girl, every song on All Around the World makes reference to a girl whether it be falling in love, getting a girl, or having girl problems. The only exception is “I Lean,” a very repetitive song featuring Soulja Boy of “Crank That” fame—or is it shame?

The quartet’s artistic sophistication doesn’t seem to have progressed much since the release of their first album, remaining consistently superficial. For example, the lyric, “follow me on Twitter” in the song “Pretty Girl,” (featuring a new young artist, Jacob Latimore) echoes a reference to the social media site in the lyric, “a hundred forty characters/ is more than enough,” in the band’s debut song, “My Girl.”

Even so, it is clear that the group is purposefully trying to appeal to pre-teen and teenage girls with this album and, overall, they are successful. The album both begins and ends with fast-paced, catchy songs that people can dance and start a party with (“All Around the World” and “Brightside”). Additionally, almost all the songs sport catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms, perfect to appeal to your little sister, but an irritation to almost anyone else.

“Band-Aid,” which appears in the second half of the album, represents the height of Mindless Behavior’s power. One of the slower tunes, it still includes a catchy beat that meshes well with tweenie bop harmonies Although the lyrics are more than a little cheesy (“I can be your Band-Aid”), it’s likely a go-to for any girl going through her first breakup.

The vapidity of such lyrics is still difficult to ignore, however, and the likable beats dominating the album can’t exactly compensate for the blatant lack of thought behind its creation. Though there are always times we want to be mindless, the music for such moments can hardly stand the test of time.

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