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The Weekly List: Escape

October 31, 2014

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The word midterm is definitely a misnomer, especially when the infamous “midterm season” seems to last for about two months. The late night studying, last minute cramming, and steady stream of tests can become overbearing and, at times, simply annoying. I’m sure in those stressful moments, our minds have wandered to happier places, locations far away from the Georgetown campus. What better way to make this escape than with a calming, peaceful playlist that will take you back to those simpler times, when tests and to-do lists didn’t exist – a time when you could sit back, relax and let your mind wander.

This list is a compilation of folk and bluegrass tunes, featuring newer artists such as Saintseneca, The Head and the Heart, and Delta Rae while paying homage to the always classic James Taylor. Each artist offers their own style, but all evoke that simple, easy going spirit of good folk music. Now we realize that bluegrass and folk might not catch your eye at first, but fear not! Once you play these tunes, you will be drawn into their soft, comforting melodies, and all thoughts about work will drift away. We hope you enjoy! 


Nickel Creek, “This Side”

James Taylor, “Carolina in My Mind”

Billy Bragg and Wilco, “California Stars”

The Head and the Heart, “Let’s Be Still”

Bruce Hornsby, “Mandolin Rain”

Saintseneca, “Happy Alone”

Avett Brothers, “February Seven”

The Greencards, “Time”

Andrew Bird, “Pulaski at Night”

Delta Rae, “Country House”

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