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HONM: Aiden goes to the moon

January 16, 2015

Although Humans of New York (HONY), may have captured the hearts of Americans, who is to say that the tourists, politicians, food truck workers, and students of the National Mall cannot compete? Halftime presents: the first ever Humans of the National Mall (HONM). We hope that these unfamiliar faces and unique smiles bring you joy amidst the drear of winter.

“Aiden, we’re going to have our picture taken!”

Conor, Aiden, and their father form a captivatingly unconventional family of three, with a love for each other evident in their easygoing smiles.  Aiden sits upon his older brother’s shoulders, smiling in his warm winter hat; their father laughs as he holds a half-eaten bag of popcorn.

Conor was born in Pennsylvania, but has lived in Massachusetts for over a decade. His younger brother and father live in Maryland.  Conor doesn’t get to see his family much, so he drove down to see them on his little brother’s fourth birthday. Happy birthday Aiden!

Aiden’s mother passed away this past fall. Conor made the trip because he believes it is important to share new experiences with his family in the wake of this loss. Aiden had not been to DC before, and this trip with Conor and their father was a chance for the three of them to connect. Just before this photo was taken, the family had come from the National Museum of Natural History, where Aiden, Conor, and their father explored the dinosaurs and minerals exhibits.  While at the mall, they also wandered through the National Air and Space Museum.

After this trip, Aiden now wants to go to the moon—to be an explorer, to travel to new heights, to learn about the world around him.  And I’m certain he will.

Photo By Caitlin Cain and Deniz Citak

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I’m crying so beautiful


omg batman you follow deniz and caitlin too?? This project is gonna take off I can just feel it



Batman, what are you up to later? Maybe we can discuss this titillating new endeavor over drinks…;)