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“Faces of Climate Change” photography contest uses art for climate justice

The Georgetown Environmental Justice Program brought the Faces of Climate Change art installation to the ICC galleria last week from April 17-22. The exhibit featured works from the Faces of Climate Change photography contest launched by Nishita Karad in 2022, and highlighted stories left out by the “Western-centric narrative” that Karad said exists in the global conversation about climate change.


Karen Cohen: Turning Fantasy into Photograph

Arranged on a single wall in a corner of Gallery Underground, six 15 by 20 inch photographs make up Cohen’s collection. At first glance, it is hard to see what... Read more

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“The Quality of Light” by Pete McCutchen, Touchstone Gallery

After only a few minutes of conversation with photographer Pete McCutchen at the opening of his newest show, “The Quality of Light,” it is wildly apparent that he is no... Read more

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In Defense of Visual Art

Who’s your favorite musician? Actress? What’s your favorite movie? Book? Almost everyone has a response to these questions. Kanye West. Keira Knightley. Star Wars. Harry Potter. Rarely do the answers... Read more

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Love on the Hilltop: a Snapshot of Sweden

This February I find my heart strings pulled by a good many wonderful people, but I also find myself waxing sentimental about the physical places and spaces that have shaped... Read more

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HONM: Aiden goes to the moon

Although Humans of New York (HONY), may have captured the hearts of Americans, who is to say that the tourists, politicians, food truck workers, and students of the National Mall... Read more

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Benoy Behl and the Art of Buddhism

From the moment I entered the Benoy Behl art exhibit, I was mesmerized by the colorful contrast of eye-catching art pieces that lined the stark white exhibit walls. The photographs... Read more

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Indelible: Permanence and Photography

We use photography to make a moment concrete, perfectly capture a scene, or preserve the fleeting burnt oranges and deep royal purples of a setting sunset. We are on the... Read more

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The Power of the Photo

We spend a lot of money on big, new, fancy cameras in order to capture perfection: a golden sunset over clear Caribbean waters, a young budding poppy hidden among a... Read more