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<i>Hold These Truths</i> is a Poignant Memoir on Injustice

Hold These Truths is a Poignant Memoir on Injustice


Hold These Truths is a one-man play written by Jeanne Sakata, featuring Ryun Yu in the role of Gordon Hirabayashi. Hirabayashi is not a fictional character, but a real man who lived through Japanese American oppression in the 1940s. The play is based on actual historical events and interviews conducted by Sakata with Hirabayashi himself….

A Case for the Classics: <i>Cowboy Bebop</i>

A Case for the Classics: Cowboy Bebop


Upon reading this title, half of you will be getting excited, while the other half will be questioning how Cowboy Bebop (1998-1999) is a classic when you’ve never heard of it. Hopefully, by the end of this article, the half of you who have never heard of it will want to watch it, and the…

Critical Voices: Björk, <i>Utopia</i>

Critical Voices: Björk, Utopia


Björk’s latest album, Utopia, released on Nov. 23, is one of the longest she has produced so far, comprised of fourteen tracks, one of them, “Body Memory,” lasting almost ten minutes. The album is a painfully monotonous one hour and eleven minute blend of orchestral flutes and soft electronics, but its one redeeming quality is…

Karen Cohen: Turning Fantasy into Photograph

Karen Cohen: Turning Fantasy into Photograph


Arranged on a single wall in a corner of Gallery Underground, six 15 by 20 inch photographs make up Cohen’s collection. At first glance, it is hard to see what links these images together, apart from their size, the glossy metal on which they are printed, and their elusive titles. When asked what the link…

In Conversation: “Awareness, Action, and Dissent”

In Conversation: “Awareness, Action, and Dissent”


In light of its current exhibition, “Ai Wei Wei: Trace at Hirshhorn,” which showcases Lego portraits of individuals whom the artists consider to be political activists, the Hirshhorn has collaborated with the Newseum to organize a series of talks about the role of art in free speech and political activism. The first of these talks, “Awareness,…

<i>The Infinite Wrench</i> Tackles Modern Issues in Innovative Ways

The Infinite Wrench Tackles Modern Issues in Innovative Ways


The Infinite Wrench brings a new form of theatre to Georgetown which is truly contemporary, both pushing back against and moving with the modern preference for quick and brief entertainment. The performance is composed of eight student actors in Georgetown’s Theater and Performing Arts Studies Program, in collaboration with the Chicago born experimental theatre group…

Lessons from Literature: <i>Norwegian Wood</i>

Lessons from Literature: Norwegian Wood


“In that moment I understood what that tremor of the heart had been. It was a kind of childhood longing that had always remained – and would forever remain – unfulfilled.” If you are going to read (or have read) Norwegian Wood, by Haruki Murakami, I highly suggest you listen to the Beatles’ song it…

Did Georgetown Want Me Back?

Did Georgetown Want Me Back?


The first people I saw as the elevator doors opened and the GERMS staff wheeled my stretcher through my dorm entrance were two acquaintances. “Don’t worry,” I laughed nervously as I was pushed passed their startled faces, “I’ll be back soon.” I didn’t realize that “soon” would be  over a year later. For those not…

Critical Voices: Zayn, <i>Mind of Mine</i>

Critical Voices: Zayn, Mind of Mine


As I’m sure many of you are aware, Zayn Malik, ex-One Direction member, finally released his much anticipated debut solo album, Mind of Mine, last Friday. The album, including its title, clearly demonstrates Zayn’s wish to establish himself as an independent artist. His first single, “Pillowtalk,” announced his divergence from the pop-rock sound of One…

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