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The Weekly List: Almost Spring Break

It’s almost time for spring break, and while you struggle through your last midterms, here are some catchy tunes to get you ready for a week of fun. Hopefully this... Read more

Halftime Leisure

A Case for the Classics: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“And I said, what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” goes the song by Deep Blue Something. Well, what about it? Do you remember the film? Most people, even if they haven’t... Read more


Where Are You From? Looking Beyond the Boxes of Cultural Identity

“Where are you from?” This question precedes all small talk at orientation, parties, or other  inevitable social events (it’s usually quickly followed by “what’s your major?”). This simple question begs... Read more


Critical Voices: Wet, Don’t You

Synth indie pop has been an increasingly popular genre, and indie groups and mainstream artists alike seem to have increased R&B influences in their music. Rising music trio Wet offers... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Les Revenants Highlights Excellence in Foreign TV

The US is an exporter of pop culture but seldom imports it, a shame because many a marvelous foreign show has passed US dwellers by. The Returned is one such... Read more


Lost in the Woods: The Forest Succumbs to Tropes of Terror

Horror movies are hard to get right, often in danger of becoming a string of clichés and cheap scares. Unfortunately, 2016’s first horror flick, The Forest, director Jason Zada’s first... Read more


Critical Voices: Roy Kim, The Great Dipper, MMO Entertainment

Georgetown’s resident K-pop star, Roy Kim, released his third studio album, The Great Dipper, last Friday. The South Korean singer-songwriter has won several major music awards and topped the charts... Read more


DBMOAF Goes Above and Beyond through performance of One-Acts

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of Mask and Bauble’s Donn B. Murphy One Acts Festival (DBMOAF). Each year student-written scripts are selected and performed in honor of Dr. Murphy, who... Read more


Mask and Bauble Welcomes All My Sons to 164th Season

In its mission statement, Mask and Bauble strives to bring theatrical classes to Georgetown student life. Thus, their choice to open the season with a production of Arthur Miller’s All... Read more