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The Weekly List: Almost Spring Break

February 29, 2016

It’s almost time for spring break, and while you struggle through your last midterms, here are some catchy tunes to get you ready for a week of fun. Hopefully this combination of remixes, alternative pop, and dance music will get you in the mood for the warmer days to come.

  1.     “La Madrague” – Brigitte Bardot, Antis Remix

This classic French 1960s pop gets a revamp from Antis, a Lithuanian new wave band. A timeless sunny day song, the house and electro elements brought to it by Antis make it the perfect trendy, modern track to get you in the mood for break.

  1.     “Back of the car” – RAC, feat. Nate Henricks

A collaboration between RAC and Nate Hendricks, this song is alternative pop at its best; the lyrics speak of adventures on the road, perfect if that’s what you’re planning for spring break. If you’re not, the upbeat tempo alone is enough to get you ready for some fun.

  1.     “El Mismo Sol” – Alvaro Soler, feat. Jennifer Lopez

The first single by the Spanish singer, this song is high-energy Latin pop. Traditional Latin percussion gives it a light, fun beat, while J-Lo’s contribution adds a touch of world music flair.

  1.     “Cake by the Ocean” – DNCE

DNCE, Joe Jonas’ new pop/rock band, hit a strong note with their debut single. Sexual innuendos are rampant in this song. Slightly punk rock, with a ‘70s inspired vibe, this song is truly unique and great to nod your head to.

  1.     “Runaway (U&I)” – Galantis

Galantis’s electro-dance track received a Grammy nomination, and it isn’t hard to see why. With heavy use of base, the song’s varying tempo keeps it from falling into electronic monotony. The vocals give it a welcome, ethereal quality.

  1.     “Infinite High” – Panama Wedding

We go back to alternative pop with this song. A synth-pop mix with an ‘80s influence, it’s the perfect song to help you relax while you imagine yourself hanging out of a car window listening to it.

  1.     “100 Degrees” – KOLAJ, feat. Quinn XCII

A song by rising duo KOLAJ, it’s a perfect blend of pop and house. With Quinn XCII’s smooth vocals blending with the steady drumbeat, this song is a harmonious treat for the ears.

  1.     “Sorry” – Justin Bieber

I’m not sorry. One of several of Bieber’s popular new songs, it is pop with an R&B influence. What makes it so addictive might be its beat, or Bieber’s smooth vocals. Either way, you can’t hear this song without getting in the mood for fun.

  1.     “Vacances de 87” – Le Couleur, feat. French Horn Rebellion, Beat Market Remix

Here’s something new. Le Couleur is a French-Canadian trio whose music fits into the electro-disco category, although they are genre bending by nature. With clear ‘80s inspired synth and smooth vocals, the Beat Market remix ups the tempo, bringing the song to new heights. With lyrics that evoke vacations, it’s a great song to bob your head to.

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