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Jeremy Zucker’s <em>love is not dying</em> is desolate yet compelling

Jeremy Zucker’s love is not dying is desolate yet compelling


I’m not sure if the universe could have cooked up a more fitting album for our current situation than Jeremy Zucker’s solo debut, love is not dying (2020). Throughout the 40-minute release, Zucker employs his unique brand of intricately assembled melancholic pop to explore themes of loneliness, emotional isolation, and resolve in the face of…

Critical Voices: <i>Hollywood’s Bleeding</i>, Post Malone

Critical Voices: Hollywood’s Bleeding, Post Malone


The nine-month roll out for Post Malone’s third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, felt like a rollercoaster. The quality of the singles varied wildly, from the compelling “Goodbyes,” to the superficially pretty but substance-devoid “Circles.” All of the inconsistencies hinted that Hollywood’s Bleeding would be a wildly incohesive album. These expectations turned out to be correct. …

Critical Voices: EARTHGANG, <i>Mirrorland</i>

Critical Voices: EARTHGANG, Mirrorland


As Revenge of the Dreamers III topped the Billboard charts over this past summer, Dreamville producers and rappers, EARTHGANG, took their talent back to the studio. On September 6th, EARTHGANG released their third studio album, Mirrorland (2019), effectively asserting themselves as one of the most talented new groups in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally gaining notoriety from…

A Leisurely Stroll Down Memory Lane

A Leisurely Stroll Down Memory Lane


For our 50th anniversary issue, we’ve selected a series of quotes from our leisure section in the last decade, some showing the significance of certain cultural moments, others displaying the more questionable snippets of the 2010s entertainment industry. *** Movies: The film industry was praised and criticized for the stories it decided to elevate and…

Critical Voices: Cardi B’s <i>Invasion of Privacy</i>

Critical Voices: Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy


Cardi B opens her premier album with an emotional three minutes of solo bars backed by a simple piano line and soft air horns. After the fun and free-flowing “Finesse” and “Bodak Yellow” that have brought her to stardom, this album opening feels out of character. But upon reflection, it proved her prowess and ability…

The Reel Pulpit: Boldly Going for 50 Years

The Reel Pulpit: Boldly Going for 50 Years


Cinema has depicted many legendary showdowns: Batman vs. Superman, Alien vs. Predator, Freddy vs. Jason, Iron Man vs. Captain America. However, in an age when cinema-goers clamor for the next great showdown, it is easy to forget one of the oldest, most epic, most legendary matchups in film history. Well, maybe not film history. Television…

The Reel Pulpit: How Stranger Things Won The Summer

The Reel Pulpit: How Stranger Things Won The Summer


The best film of the summer was eight hours long, was not released in theaters, and only starred one notable actress. It did not contain any huge action set-pieces, or flashy CGI, but instead relied on strong writing, great characters, and an engrossing story. Netflix’s Stranger Things was easily the surprise hit of the summer,…

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