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Post Pitch: Twisted Pine

Welcome back to Post Pitch! This week, Voice podcast producer Jillian Seitz and leisure writer Cole Kindiger discuss his experience at the recent D.C. Twisted Pine concert, which he writes... Read more


The Reel Pulpit: Oscars 2020 Frontrunners and Favorites

Welcome back to the Reel Pulpit! In this episode Abby Webster, Danielle Guida, and Roman Peregrino discuss their predictions and picks for the 2021 Academy Awards as well as bond... Read more


Bridgerton proves that color-conscious casting alone is not good enough

Bridgerton sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, not really committed to color-conscious casting, but not color-blind either. The way that race fits into the storyline seems to have been an afterthought. The conversation, which attributed the diversity of the society to love conquering prejudice, was so shallow that I wish they hadn’t included it.


Grammy 2021 Predictions

Join Voice editors Skyler, Abby and Max as they discuss who could win, who should win, and who will win in the 2021 Grammy Awards.


Trap-pop artist Ashnikko explores different music styles in her new mixtape, Demidevil

Ashnikko’s new mixtape, Demidevil, brings her trademark bad bitch attitude while also delving into softer styles. Although promising, if you expect all hard-hitters, most songs won’t deliver. However, the less... Read more


Raleigh Ritchie’s Andy matches wit with honest introspection

Jacob Anderson isn’t the artist you might expect. Most well known for playing the taciturn warrior Grey Worm on HBO’s Game of Thrones, the familiar actor might give most folks... Read more


Jeremy Zucker’s love is not dying is desolate yet compelling

I’m not sure if the universe could have cooked up a more fitting album for our current situation than Jeremy Zucker’s solo debut, love is not dying (2020). Throughout the... Read more


Inane and Insane, Lucy in the Sky Isn’t as Empathetic as It Thinks It Is

The year is 2007: between Lindsey Lohan’s 84-minute stint in a California jail and Britney Spears’ yearlong breakdown of shaved heads and smashed umbrellas, media sympathies for female celebrities and... Read more


Critical Voices: Hollywood’s Bleeding, Post Malone

The nine-month roll out for Post Malone’s third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, felt like a rollercoaster. The quality of the singles varied wildly, from the compelling “Goodbyes,” to the superficially... Read more


Critical Voices: EARTHGANG, Mirrorland

As Revenge of the Dreamers III topped the Billboard charts over this past summer, Dreamville producers and rappers, EARTHGANG, took their talent back to the studio. On September 6th, EARTHGANG... Read more


A Leisurely Stroll Down Memory Lane

For our 50th anniversary issue, we’ve selected a series of quotes from our leisure section in the last decade, some showing the significance of certain cultural moments, others displaying the... Read more


Tense and Intimate, First Man Takes You to the Moon and Back

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, is by all means an American hero. He was a family man whose ordinary life was turned upside down when... Read more


Trailer Takes: Instant Family, Assassination Nation, and The Oath

Instant Family — Brynn: No doubt this movie will make me laugh and cry—as it was meant to do to bleeding hearts like me, who love a good heartfelt... Read more


Critical Voices: Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B opens her premier album with an emotional three minutes of solo bars backed by a simple piano line and soft air horns. After the fun and free-flowing “Finesse”... Read more

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The Reel Pulpit: Boldly Going for 50 Years

Cinema has depicted many legendary showdowns: Batman vs. Superman, Alien vs. Predator, Freddy vs. Jason, Iron Man vs. Captain America. However, in an age when cinema-goers clamor for the next... Read more

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The Reel Pulpit: How Stranger Things Won The Summer

The best film of the summer was eight hours long, was not released in theaters, and only starred one notable actress. It did not contain any huge action set-pieces, or... Read more

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Halftime Reviews: Every Open Eye by CHVRCHES

Scottish trio CHVRCHES has dedicated the foreseeable future to a long period of touring (and a pleasant visit to DC for the first ever Landmark Music Festival). This is following... Read more

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Voice at Landmark: Band of Horses

Band of Horses came far from the west coast for DC’s Landmark Music Festival 2015. Based out of Seattle, WA, the band, with new music yet to come from this... Read more

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Dear Supernatural, quit while you’re behind

Since 2005, the CW (formerly the WB) has been entertaining viewers with one of their most successful hits, Supernatural. The show follows the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester (played... Read more

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Doctor Who: Doctor, Davros, and a Dalek

Series premieres have always been a strength for Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat. Moffat rises to the occasion to produce some of his strongest episodes, especially series five’s The Eleventh... Read more