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Get Hard  Is Worth The Time

April 7, 2015

In recent years, Will Ferrell has come to be known for making fantastic trailers for movies, but only that. Time and time again, an entire movie’s worth of funny scenes is fit into the three minute trailer for the movie. At last, Will Ferrell has made a movie where the trailer did not begin to touch on the potential humor in this movie.

The entire premise of the movie is that after being sentenced to ten years in San Quentin, Will Ferrell’s character, James King, has thirty days to get his affairs in order. During the early days of this deadline, he learns of the horrors that go on behind the bars and immediately hires Kevin Hart’s character to train him to make sure he can survive prison.

Perhaps the main reason that Get Hard was able to keep so many of its jokes out the trailers was that hardly any of them had any place in a trailer approved for all ages. The film is  crude, dirty, and downright hilarious. This is by no stretch of the imagination a family film, but that should have been expected. This movie is also certainly not for anyone hoping to go see a politically correct movie without any stereotypes.

The best decision Get Hard made was bringing in Kevin Hart. Will Ferrell plays the same role in this movie as in any of his movies, a successful narcissist, but Kevin Hart is able to add a new element that makes Get Hard not just another Will Ferrell movie. Hart’s character is an entrepreneurial car washer, who King assumes has done hard time. Without having spent any time in jail, Hart plays a man acting as a felon to teach King how to survive San Quentin.

That’s not to say it didn’t share the elements of other Will Ferrell movies, like Anchorman or Step Brothers. Most of the jokes could easily be turned into quotable one-liners, which has been the formula of success for Will Ferrell. . However, it also shared some elements of Elf. Like Buddy the Elf learning to live in New York City, James King learns the ins and outs of prison life.

All told, Get Hard is a step up from Ferrell’s recent movies. While nothing can compare to Anchorman in my heart, there were times where I saw the hilarious Will Ferrell again. It could certainly be said that this is another dumb Will Ferrell movie, but it managed to exceed these expectations that I had for it. The movie could quite possibly offend every demographic in the book, but it was certainly worth it because it was damn funny, and now I know, “They be fu*king in San Quentin.”

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Scott Hatman

Thanks for the solid review of the movie, Connor. Once again you have provided essential assistance in helping me determing how to spend my weekend evenings. You can always rely on Connor for the solid movie suggestion and opinions. <3