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Voice Your Style: Stormy Weather

October 10, 2016


Photo Credit: Isabelle Groenewegen

Do you remember how depressing the rain was? At least some people know how to put it to their advantage and make a raincoat look chic. Morgan found this Burberry coat in her grandma’s closet – vintage dahling! What about the Marc Jacobs boots?  

“They’re the closest thing I have to rainboots considering my idea of rain is a pathetic shower.” She is a California girl at heart.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Groenewegen

Voice your Style: “I like mixing a more relaxed style with classic pieces. I own mostly staples with a bunch of different T-shirts as well as a few unique pieces.”

Favourite Piece: “My red cord with a little gold bell is the most important thing I wear. I was given it by my Haboo (grandmother on my dad’s side) when I was born but I only started wearing it when she died in 2009. It has Chinese characters inscribed onto it meaning good luck but it used to fall off all the time when I was riding so I burned the knot and it hasn’t come off since. For me, it feels like she’s always looking after me and that’s why it’s my most important piece.”


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