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Voice Your Style: Keeping It Bright

October 24, 2016

Photo credit: Isabelle Groenewegen

Bailey Frank is a senior studying international law and is going on to study law to become an animal rights lawyer. She became a vegan on her Study Abroad in St. Petersburg after 8 years as a vegetarian. She’s currently in the middle of a Meatless Monday campaign at Georgetown, trying to get more vegetarian and vegan options for Leo’s but she caught my attention at Darnall Hall entrance desk, her vibrant head of hair obvious amongst the gloom of the hallway. And she’s not the only one brightening things up on campus, “I have noticed a lot more colored hair on campus since my freshman year, and it makes me very happy, as I think pushing the boundaries on acceptable hairstyles is something everyone should try at least once in their lives!

Photo credit: Isabelle Groenewegen

Voice your Style: “I have been dying my hair since I was 13, but I only started doing “non-natural” colors once I got to college. My favorite color by far has been hot pink, but I have also done purple, blue, green, red, and silver/grey. All the colors and products I use are vegan and cruelty free, and I recently discovered a very good brand called Arctic Fox that I highly recommend. There is no motivation to dying my hair other than I simply find it incredibly fun and a great way to liven up those nights spent at Lau.”

“I also have a love for makeup, although I usually prefer to do glam-style makeup, as being ‘toned down’ was never my thing. If I can have blue lips and purple eyebrows, then I consider my makeup look decidedly ‘on point.’”
Favourite Piece: “A bit in line with my passion for veganism, I do have a favorite pair of banana earrings that I wear on almost a daily basis. I purchased them at a vegan festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, and they have been a staple of mine for a few months.”


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