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Voice Your Style: Trio of Style

October 28, 2016

Photo Credit: Isabelle Groenewegen

Just when I was lacking inspiration on a gray Thursday morning I stumbled upon the best trio Georgetown style has ever seen. Luckily, these guys were on campus to find a camera crew so they had no problem with me chatting to them for a bit.

Gorgeous, in the middle, was in all white Levi’s and a button up shirt with the most diva white Versace sunglasses imaginable and red Calvin Klein loafers.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Groenewegen

VoiceyourStyle: “All I wear is white it’s a godly look but I think it gives me a professional look”

Nae Folarin was channeling the full 70’s look with her hair wild and her pants flared but she’s managed to make a full retro look from all fast fashion pieces.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Groenewegen

VoiceyourStyle:  “The pants, shoes, and jewelry are from H&M and the bag is by Moda Luxe. I chose the red pants because I’m really fond of the pattern. I paired them with the boots to achieve a 70s look. I chose the jewelry and the bag to give it a more modern look.”

Favorite Piece: “Believe it or not, my favorite clothing item is the pants I’m wearing today, because I like how intricate the pattern is and they make my butt look nice.”


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