The Untitled Leisure Project: Best of 2016

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On this episode of Untitled Leisure Project, Voice staffers look back on the 2016’s best offerings in movies and music. Daniel Varghese sits down with Chris Dunn to discuss albums, while Danielle Hewitt talks movies with Graham Piro.

Chris Dunn
Chris graduated from the SFS in 2019. He is the Voice's former executive opinions editor, and is pretty sure the 2008 Phillies could beat any team in any sport ever.

Daniel Varghese
Daniel was an editor at the Voice from December 2013 to November 2016. He loved it. Follow him on Twitter @drvarg01 for his thoughts on Global Health and Kanye West.

Graham Piro
Graham Piro is a former editor-in-chief of the Voice. He isn't sure why the rest of the staff let him stick around. Follow him on Twitter @graham_piro.

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