Concert Preview: COIN, May 1, U Street Music Hall

April 25, 2017

Photo Source: Columbia Records

Nashville-based indie rockers COIN are back with the April 21 release of their album How Will You Know If You Never Try. HWYKIYNT is the band’s sophomore album and features the same infectious indie pop COIN is known for. COIN is currently on tour promoting their newest album, and will perform at D.C.’s U Street Music Hall on May 1.

HWYKIYNT is saturated with the same energetic, carefree pop that stylized their debut album, COIN (2015). However, it possesses melancholic undertones, serving as an ode to the band’s more youthful days – a tombstone is featured prominently on the front of the album. HWYKIYNT kicks off with the breezy, peppy “Don’t Cry, 2020,” which serves as a reminder to not fret about the future. The album also features the fun, frenetic, and already popular single “Talk Too Much.” The album’s closer “Malibu 1992” is slow and nostalgic, reminiscent of a late summer night.

With the release of HWYKIYNT, COIN has given listeners the perfect summertime soundtrack. However, popularity does not equate to evolution, and the album signifies a lack in any real progression of the band’s sound.

COIN will perform at U Street Music Hall on May 1 with A R I Z O N A.

Tickets are available here.

Caitlin Mannering
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