The Weekly List: Out For A Drive

January 30, 2018

Whether it’s a quick drive within the vicinity or a longer trip on the highway, it is essential to have the right soundtrack for your adventures. Here are a couple of songs to amp up your mood on the road.


1.Vice ft. John Bellion: “Obsession”

With a fresh beat and catchy tune, this song is the perfect start to hit the road. Also a great sing-along with your friends!


2. Maroon 5 ft. SZA: “What Lovers Do”

Maroon 5’s style has evolved over the years, yet Adam Lambert’s distinctive voice is still recognizable anywhere. With falsetto in the chorus, the band continues the upbeat vibes.


3. Lauv: “I Like Me Better”

Lauv’s music has soared in popularity. His music is chill because you can still jam to it without being a typical EDM rave. We also like him better when he’s with us.


4. Skylar Spence: “Fiona Coyne”

Moving on to a more dynamic range of sound, this song was actually recommended to me by a friend. It is definitely a quirky jumpstart to the day infused with indie rock and electronic pop.


5. Hailee Steinfeld: “Starving”

Any Hailee Steinfeld song is great for sing-along, even if it means screeching terribly at the top of your lungs. Fierce and fearless, I love the drop at the chorus.


6. Camila Cabello: “Never Be the Same”

Cabello’s voice is absolute silk. She goes from 0 to 100 in this song, starting low and husky and then escalating to the airy whispers. It’s absolutely addictive, and I’m never the same after listening.


7. Charli XCX ft. MØ: “3AM (Pull Up)”

From Halsey to Lorde, this is an age for strong female artists. Charli XCX creates the perfect collaboration with MØ. I always find this banging song stuck in my head.


8. MØ: “Final Song”

Just like the title, we don’t want to stop the music. But all good things must come to an end. (tomadamswc.com) Snapping your fingers, you can count on MØ to liberate us with her velvety, sexy voice and poppy electronic music.



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