Colin Quinn Talks About Coming to D.C., Politics, and <i>One in Every Crowd</i>

Colin Quinn Talks About Coming to D.C., Politics, and One in Every Crowd


Colin Quinn is the quintessential image of a New Yorker: loud, unapologetic, honest. Ask him any question, and he’ll give it to you straight. This brand has become a staple of his humor. Throughout his career, Quinn has starred in hit-television shows and movies, gaining fame on Saturday Night Live, where he anchored the Weekend Update and starred in a segment called “Colin Quinn Explains the New York Times.”  Quinn went on to make his debut with one-man stand-up comedy shows on Broadway. After five successful one-man comedy shows, Quinn turned his career again towards film, and now, seven years later, he has returned to the world of stand-up. Currently on a world tour, Quinn will make a stop at D.C.’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on Oct. 6.

“My show is going to be about a hypothetical situation of a break-up in the United States, like if the States decided they would get a divorce along the lines of political parties.” Quinn said in an interview with the Voice.

Known for his blunt political and social commentary, audiences can expect Quinn to say whatever is on the back of everyone’s mind when it comes to politics. He’s not afraid to shy away.

“Especially being in DC, I feel compelled to bring up politics. All day you’re hearing people—very smart, very capable people speak very sincerely and seriously, but comedy can bring up a new perspective.” He said.

On a more serious note, Quinn talked about a comedian’s responsibility when discussing politics, stating that their main purpose is to provide comic relief. By using satire to provide political commentary, comedians suggest an idea to audiences rather than forcing an opinion.

“Nowadays people are ready to get offended. You can’t really be worried or cautious. It’s impossible to please everyone or not offend anyone, so there is really no point in being concerned about alienating them. However, anyone can bring up something in politics, who cares what my opinions [are]? The thing that matters is if you can make it funny,” Quinn said.

Quinn’s humor provides a break from traditional societal norms and thinking that revolve around politics, especially in the heart of political affairs: Washington DC. .

“The only reason for comedians to exist is to make things funny. All day you’re hearing people speak very sincerely and seriously, you don’t need a comedian for that. There are very smart people making good points in politics. You need a comedian to see things another way.” Quinn said.

After seven years, Quinn is ready to return to the spontaneity of the comedy world, where everyone can live in the moment. “Unlike with televisions or movies, with live comedy shows, there is no one to be responsible to. You’re responsible for the content of your show,” he said.

With students bustling around campus with their schedules filled to the brim, planned to the minute, Quinn’s show can provide a breather in the busy life of a student. His show will remind students of the spontaneity we all could use more of. Comedy and laughter provide some of the best stress reliever, giving students an escape from the college bubble.

Colin Quinn is leaving the pre-planned world of show business for the think-on-your-feet world of live comedy. Quinn will be performing his show, One in Every Crowd, on Oct. 6 at the Kennedy Center. More information can be found here.

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