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The Weekly List: Fresh Fall Five

October 8, 2018

Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and midterm stress is drowning Georgetown students by the thousands. As you update your wardrobe from summer to fall and your G-cal from busy to overloaded, take this time of transition to update your music, too. Here’s a list of five newly-released songs I’ve deemed the “Fresh Fall Five.” Ring in the spooky season with these listen-worthy tracks.

1.  Léon: “Baby Don’t Talk”

Retro collides with the modern day in Léon’s new single, “Baby Don’t Talk.” This pop ballad features the Swedish singer’s characteristic raspy vocals, but ups the tempo compared to some of her earlier work, like “Liar” and “Tired of Talking.” Cowbell clangs and an electric guitar strums while Léon wishes to just live in the moment: “There’s no need for words, no, take a chance now.” A repeated chorus and underlying bass steady this catchy electro-pop number; it’ll be stuck in your head for the day—and you won’t want the loop to end.

2.  R.LUM.R: “With My Words”

Think, “groove.” You can’t help but sway to R.LUM.R’s latest single. It’s a beautiful fusion of R&B, pop and electronic featuring the Florida-born, Nashville-based artist’s smooth-as-butter vocals. Bouncy beats power this enchanting number about deep, optimistic love. R.LUM.R can’t find the right words to convey just how much he loves his girl. She “took the words” right out of his mouth, just like this song may make you want to drop everything and listen.

3.  Russ: “Missin You Crazy”

Grey skies and chilly breezes are the perfect pairing for this new release from Russ, featured on his latest album ZOO (2018). Russ mixes rapping and singing on this well-balanced R&B track. “Everything’s so different now, you’re just what I’m missin now,” he laments about a lost love. Heavy, quick beats alternate with easy guitar riffs to set a smooth-yet-supported sound. This one’s got less ambiance than “Losin Control” and less bite than “What They Want,” but way more heart.

4.  LANY: “Malibu Nights”

Cue the tissues. LANY exchanges his typically lush sound for simple piano in this song from his album of the same name. “What do you do with a broken heart?” LANY laments. The music takes a backseat to the heartbreak on this track about dealing with the pain of a break-up. Full chords support his clear vocals—and that’s all this song needs to leave its mark. Just make sure to remove all mascara before you listen.

5.  Fuego, Nicky Jam: “Good Vibes”
This song is the collaboration we never knew we needed. Spanish, English and syncopated bass combine to make this perfectly sultry song. Before you know it you’ll be swaying along to the seductive vocals and captivating rhythm (even if you don’t understand the majority of the lyrics). But you won’t even care to know exactly what these two Latin artists are saying—you’ll be under the influence of some “good vibes.


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