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The Weekly List: Hoya Hoop Fever

November 5, 2018

As we gear up for the 2018-19 college basketball season, Hoyas are beginning to feel that pseudo-state school pride wake up. Deprived of the tailgates and darties that our friends at big football schools get to experience, we always have one thing to remind ourselves: “It’s okay, Georgetown is a basketball school.” This is the one time of year when we all truly begin to bleed blue and gray, and what better way to celebrate than with a basketball-themed playlist, just in time for the men’s opener this Tuesday and the women’s opener this Friday. If you’re a freshman who the school tricked into buying season tickets, an alum returning to watch what is merely a remnant of the successful team you cheered for from the stands in the 80s, or any Hoya in between, this is the playlist for you.

Nicole: “Space Jam” from the Major Motion Picture Space Jam (1996)

“Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam.” No basketball playlist can exist without mentioning the highest-grossing basketball film of all time. Space Jam is a cinematic masterpiece and its theme song, performed by the Quad City DJs, is equally noteworthy. Whether you’re a ‘memer’ or a student-athlete, the Space Jam welcomes everyone.

Claire: The NBA on NBC Theme Song

When I was a baby, my dad would put me to sleep while watching Lakers games, so I hold this song near and dear to my heart. It’s also the banger to end all bangers and will make you wanna rage 24/7. It’s so powerful, so full of life. It’s the truest basketball anthem there is.

Claire: “That’s How I Beat Shaq” by Aaron Carter

Here is another essential anthem of the 2000s. My first crush Aaron Carter was out there on the court with my basketball role model Shaquille O’Neal, two of the greatest influences on my early life. It’s a pop classic with a poetic narrative of surrealism and success that transcends time and space.

Claire: “Basketball” from the Major Motion Picture Like Mike (2002)

Do y’all remember this song? Do y’all remember this movie? It’s more of a classic than the fucking Titanic. Lil’ Bow Wow got some magic sneakers and dribbled his lil heart out. Anyway, this song still slaps to this day and is the quintessential bball anthem. My last major point is that the song contains the lyrics, “When I’m in the paint I play with that Alonzo style,” as well as, “Dikembe Mutombo standing tall, which is a major Gtown shoutout. Thank you for tuning in to my expert analysis.

Dajour: “Get’cha Head in the Game” from the Major Motion Picture High School Musical (2006)

“Why am I feeling so wrong / My head’s in the game / But my heart’s in the song,” is the lyric of a generation. The entire plot of High School Musical can be neatly summed up by this one line. The first two verses of the song feature Zac Efron throwing out random basketball phrases (“Coach said to fake right, break left”) which serves to prove that Troy is, indeed, a basketball star. Troy Bolton’s angst, the basketball dance break, the fact that Zac Efron isn’t actually even singing—all of this serves to make this song a true masterpiece.

Dajour: “Now or Never” from the Major Motion Picture High School Musical 3 (2008)

After a break from basketball, High School Musical 3 takes us back to the series’ roots: basketball. Or High School, I guess. This song is the film’s opener, on a basketball court, and it’s all about getting the shot at the buzzer. It’s filled with energy and desperation to get that damn shot. While not as iconic as “Get’cha Head in the Game”, “Now or Never” is still a quintessential basketball song that will have you on the court immediately.

Brynn: “Started From the Bottom” by Drake

It might be a little insulting to include Drake’s musical art alongside mere motion picture tracks, but no basketball playlist is complete without this classic warm-up song. It might not be the loud, high energy walkout track that a team would play as they run out onto the court, but it’s steady relaxed bass and egotistically tinged lyrics are perfect for getting in the zone and boosting confidence without a potentially distracting adrenaline rush.

Brynn: “Basketball” by Kurtis Blow

This song is more for the fans than the players. With simple, straightforward lyrics and funky 80’s synth beats, it’s a catchy song that’s sure to raise spirits. This is the kind of fun track you’d expect to hear blasting from a boombox while a bunch of kids play a game of pickup basketball after school. At best, it’s a hilarious beat that will get your off your foot; at worst, it can be a tutorial for those who are less familiar with the sport, as it even lists the different players and positions.

Sky: “Skylar Diggins” by Azealia Banks

Don’t get me wrong, Azealia Banks the twitter warrior sucks, but Azealia Banks the rapper does not. This song is named after Dallas Wings point guard Skylar Diggins, who won the ESPY for best WNBA player in 2015. It’s safe to say that she’s pretty badass. Likewise, it’s impossible to not feel pumped up after hearing this fact echoed in Banks’ very catchy chorus, “Skylar Diggins with the wrist/ That bitch ballin’.” Much of the fervour surrounding both college and professional basketball tends to focus on men’s leagues and male players. This song reminds us that women athletes freaking slay and that you should totally see the Georgetown Women’s Basketball home opener at 7 PM this Friday, November 9th, at McDonough Arena.


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