Wisconsin Ave GUTS relocates to Reservoir Road

January 24, 2019

The long term stop of the Wisconsin Ave GUTS shuttle relocated to the intersection of 37th Street and Winfield Lane along Reservoir Road on Jan. 22, vice president of planning and facilities management Ben Kuo announced in a campus-wide email.

All other stops along the Wisconsin Avenue route will not be affected. The shuttle will continue to stop at 3300 Whitehaven Street, 2115 Wisconsin Avenue, and 2233 Wisconsin Avenue between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The new location of the long term stop was necessary due to construction on MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Surgical Pavilion. Due to the gap between the beginning of construction impacting St. Mary’s Hall and the finalization of the new stop location, the shuttle stop has been located at the McDonough Bus Turnaround since Dec. 3 of last year.

The temporary relocation received criticism for increasing commute times for passengers, especially during morning and evening rush hours. The new stop on Reservoir Rd is expected to return commute times to normal.  

The stop was unanimously approved by the Advisory Neighborhood Committee (ANC) 2E in their December meeting. Georgetown currently has permission from the ANC to locate this stop along Reservoir Road until 2022.

Alice Gao
Alice is a junior in the School of Foreign Service, studying Global Business with minors in Jewish Civilization and Spanish. In her free time, she enjoys excessive baking and having her heart broken by the Philadelphia Eagles.

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