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Post Pitch: Georgetown’s LinkedIn Culture

Welcome back to Post Pitch!  This week, podcasts producer Romy Abu-Fadel interviews our writer, Kate Satterfield, about her Voices piece in this week’s issue of The Voice. Tune in to... Read more


A call for open discourse: Addressing free speech concerns at Georgetown

To address the vagueness of the Code of Conduct regarding disrespectful behavior, we must educate both faculty and students on the importance of engaging constructively with diverse perspectives.

Halftime Leisure

For years, Georgetown’s resident busker has been trying to cut through the noise

Will Spruill has played the same street corner every day for between eight and 13 hours since the start of the pandemic in 2020.


There are no thrift stores in Georgetown––but maybe there shouldn’t be

Yet, aside from Reddz Trading consignment store on Wisconsin Avenue NW, there are no thrift stores or affordable clothing options around Georgetown (nor are there many in the D.C. area as a whole). But maybe opening a thrift store in Georgetown isn’t actually the best idea––the last thing this already-gentrified neighborhood needs is yet another pricey shop for rich people.


Post Pitch: Palestinian Students on Georgetown’s Campus

Welcome back to Post Pitch. This week, podcasts producer Romy Abu-Fadel interviews our Features writer Sabrina Shaffer about her piece in this week’s issue of The Voice. Tune in to... Read more


In a new play, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts asks for support

By making the entirety of Georgetown their stage, Ellington students invite all its residents to take part in their masterpiece. 


Finding GSPride: Navigating My First-Generation Low-Income (FGLI) Identity at Georgetown

GSP, Georgetown’s program for first-generation and/or low-income students, was the one organization I knew about before arriving on campus. They had reached out to me after my acceptance, assuring me of support in my first year and beyond. When I finally set foot on campus, they welcomed me with a complete bedding set, offering a warm and reassuring sense of belonging.


Post Pitch: The Sickos’ Guide to College Football

Welcome back to Post Pitch. This week, join Podcast Editor Romy Abu-Fadel in her interview with writers Henry Skarecky and Ben Jakabcsin. They discuss this week’s Halftime Sports piece which... Read more


Beyond Healy Hall: How to find joy at Georgetown

In my search for Georgetown’s better qualities, I like to remember why I chose to come here in the first place. While I was impressed by the gothic beauty of Healy Hall and the bright colors of the front lawn’s tulips, what I remember most about my first visit to the Hilltop is the people.


Making Georgetown A Driveable Campus

Georgetown has long stifled our inalienable right to cars. This inhibition on cars, a proud symbol of individualism, can only be described as unamerican, unpatriotic, and uncool.


Foraminis in Unum: A proposal for the golf resort-ification of Georgetown

With the massive renovations already underway on Georgetown’s campus, the Voice urges the University to consider the following proposal for building “Foraminis in Unum” (Hole in One), our very own golf resort and spa.


A Maman-tous occasion: NYC favorite opens a new location in Georgetown

On Feb. 14, New York’s beloved café-bakery chain Maman opened the doors to its Georgetown location.


Georgetown students bring down the gavel on inequities in collegiate debate

Georgetown’s positionality as a predominantly white institution translates into the debate world, but students are trying to change that.


Georgetown, serve justice for LaHannah now—and restructure your institutions so this does not happen again

The university must develop comprehensive institutional mechanisms to achieve justice for survivors of hate crimes.


Georgetown administration supports new Title IX initiatives

A new university formal comment supports proposed changes to federal Title IX policy, extending support for survivors of sexual violence.


Georgetown’s “global perspective” shouldn’t end at Europe

Let Georgetown’s ongoing response to Ukraine guide its future engagement with world affairs, no matter the region or race of the affected.


On the acquisition of a Sugar Daddy

We have made the decision to look for a financial backer who could keep the Voice successful.


Employers, pay your interns—fair compensation now!

The practice of unpaid internships not only reflects the United States’ unequal employment landscape, but also significantly contributes to it. Simply put, employers should pay all their employees fairly—and that includes interns.


Georgetown’s non-faculty workers deserve better treatment

Last winter, two Georgetown students crowdsourced $17,000 for Stacey Walton, a Georgetown food service employee struggling with food and housing insecurity. In advocating for Walton, they acknowledged the simple fact... Read more


On What We Are Missing: Grieving the loss of senior year

All of the usual nostalgia of senior year “lasts” is further amplified because there are hardly any chances to make new memories anymore—just extra hours to ruminate on former versions of ourselves that we left behind long ago.