Olivia Pozen

Olivia is sophomore in the College studying American Studies and Sociology. She's a Voices Assistant Editor, Ed Board member, and an avid fan of tweeting, girl music, word games, and bad catchphrases.


Fake joy and the illusion of “good news”

In the mainstream, various media companies, like TODAY and the Huffington Post, now dedicate specific sections of their websites to sharing good news stories. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, people have developed a strong desire to consume uplifting news, to receive a small reminder that our world is still on the right track. However, organizations and accounts dedicated to sharing good news have subconsciously desensitized us readers to the existence of systemic problems in our society.


The curse of “let’s get a coffee”: How networking has corrupted our friendships

Ultimately, we have lost track of what it means to spend valuable time with other people. Networking culture governs the way that we make plans, spend money, and converse; its format is designed to keep potential close friends at arm’s length by limiting interactions to annual catch-ups and coffee.


Post Pitch: Coffee Chats

Welcome back to Post Pitch. This week, Podcast Assistant Editor Romy Abu-Fadel interviews writer Olivia Pozen about her recent piece: “The curse of of ‘let’s get coffee’: How networking has... Read more