New Second District MPD Commander Named

February 14, 2019

An MPD car sits parked. Wikimedia Commons

Duncan Bedlion was recently named Second District Commander of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). The Second District includes the Georgetown campus and runs between the Potomac River and Western Avenue.

In a statement on the D.C. government website, Bedlion wrote, “I am both honored and excited about my new assignment as the district commander. I will continue my commitment in providing not only the most professional service to the community, but also in making our community a safer neighborhood.”

Bedlion has had plenty of experience in the MPD, overseeing the Nightlife Units of MPD, managing the Seventh District Detectives Unit, serving as the Commander of the Sexual Assault Unit, and working as Commander of the Youth and Family Services Division before taking his current post.

Thanks to these roles, Bedlion believes he is prepared to deal with college campuses and university students in general. “As the lieutenant of the Sexual Assault Unit, I participated in SART (sexual assault response team) panels and discussions. Also, when I was the lieutenant that oversaw citywide nightlife responsibilities, I frequently visited with faculty and students,” Bedlion wrote in an email to the Voice. “There were also quarterly meetings in which we discussed underage alcohol use.”

Bedlion had more specifics when asked specifically about sexual assault prevention, leaning on his experience in the Sexual Assault Unit. “I do believe that many college campuses are constantly seeking to improve their efforts to prevent sexual abuse,” Bedlion wrote. “MPD will continue to partner with stakeholders who are seeking to educate and prevent sexual abuse.”

Bedlion does not anticipate any changes when it comes to MPD’s role on Georgetown’s campus. “I believe that 2D has strong relationships with campus staff and security, and I think we will continue to work together so that challenges remain minimal,” Bedlion wrote.  

Roman Peregrino
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