Wisconsin GUTS relocated again due to construction

March 28, 2019

Photo: Georgetown Voice

The Wisconsin GUTS bus shuttle has once again been relocated due to construction in the area between Epicurean and the Georgetown Hospital.  This change, as well as the closing of one of the entrances to the Leavey Center garage was announced by Ben Kuo, vice president of planning and facilities management, in a school-wide email on March 15.

The new GUTS shuttle pick up location will be the intersection of 37th Street and Winfield Lane. The other stops on the route will remain the same. Despite the change, the shuttle will maintain its operating hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Kuo assured increased accuracy in the GUTS shuttle time schedule and thinks this change will be beneficial to all. “We hope this new schedule will improve the rider experience,” the email read.

Entrance 4 to the Leavey Center garage was scheduled to close on March 25. Kuo wrote that this entrance will not reopen until late summer due to the building of a new East-West Road. In light of this change, drivers who use Entrance 4 to access parking in the Leavey Center and West Road should begin to use Entrance 3.

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