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The Weekly List: Sad Girl Autumn

October 1, 2019

Illustration by Jacob Bilich

As hot girl summer officially comes to an end and mid term season threatens to devastate us all, I find myself resorting to commiserating with musicians for moral support. Why bother developing good study habits and work ethic when you can use Lana Del Rey as a form of self care? With that said, here is a list of 8 songs that are defining my sad girl autumn.


1. “Francis Forever,” Mitski

No self-respecting sad girl would write a playlist without including at least one Mitski song, and Francis Forever in particular is a devastating listen. “Autumn comes when you’re not yet done, with the summer passing by.” It sure does, Mitski!


2. “Speaking Terms,” Snail Mail

Lindsey Jordan’s rehashing of ‘90s lo-fi is earnest, genuine and heart wrenching. Jordan has an uncanny ability to tap into every twenty-something year old’s psyche in her lyricism. I truly feel targeted by this song.


3. “The greatest,” Lana Del Rey

My favorite song by the previously mentioned queen of sad girls everywhere, “The greatest” makes me feel emotions that haven’t been invented yet. 


4. “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance,” Vampire Weekend

“Your pillow feels so soft now/but still you must advance” plays in my head each and every time I tragically find myself waking up to do homework before the sun has risen.


5. “A BOY IS A GUN,” Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator’s bizarre, sudden transformation into a heartfelt neo-soul singer has been infinitely rewarding. The production in this song is phenomenal, especially the piano riffs hidden throughout.


6. “Ever Since New York,” Harry Styles

I’m gonna be real with you, Halftime, I have absolutely no idea what Harry is talking about in this song…but I don’t need to. Styles’s talent as a performer truly comes through in “Ever Since New York,” the sorrow in his voice is so apparent it physically causes me agony.


7. “Long Haul,” Voxtrot

I can’t speak for everybody, but sophomore slump has been hitting hard, and “Long Haul” puts this feeling into words far better than I ever could.


8. “A World Alone,” Lorde

I want to try to end this playlist on a semi-happy note, and “A World Alone” by Lorde strikes a perfect, bittersweet balance. 

Anna Savo-Matthews
is an Assistant Leisure Editor and resident Frog and Toad lookalike. She is a senior in the college studying sociology and ethics and is a proud mother of a eight-year-old cactus.

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