Post Pitch: Involuntary Founders

Published February 3, 2023

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Welcome back to Post Pitch.

This week, Features Editor Franziska Wild expands upon the themes of her article: “‘Involuntary founders’: the missing people in Georgetown’s memory work.”  This podcast introduces listeners to the largely unseen history of Georgetown’s campus, and serves as one of the many efforts to memorialize the enslaved men, women, and children buried at College Ground cemetery.


Georgetown Slavery Archive: https://slaveryarchive.georgetown.edu/

Map of Georgetown University campus in 1905: https://slaveryarchive.georgetown.edu/items/show/38

The death and burial of Margaret Smallwood: https://slaveryarchive.georgetown.edu/items/show/341

The funeral of Charles Taylor: https://slaveryarchive.georgetown.edu/items/show/362


Franzi Wild
Franzi Wild is a junior in the SFS and the news editor. She likes the natural world, Arabic verb forms, and kindness. She dislikes institutions and the people who protect them.

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