Abby Smith

Abby is a sophomore studying Business and Global Affairs from Indianapolis, IN. She is a Halftime Leisure Assistant Editor, enjoys writing about the Kardashians, and takes pride in her grilled cheese recipe.


ESCAPE-ing the virtual Hilltop, first-years find sense of community through online retreat

Georgetown's ESCAPE retreat program continues virtually for freshmen and transfer students this fall semester.

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The ethics of resurfaced media collaborations amidst a pandemic

Viral. It’s a term that’s held a lot of weight over the past seven months. With a viral pandemic circulating around the globe, and new TikTok dances racing through the... Read more

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QUIZ: Which Le Creuset cookware color are you based on your Spooky Season?

Happy Fall, Hoyas! October marks the official start of Spooky Season, which calls for fall festivities. The vibrant colors and unique shapes of Le Creuset pots and pans are currently... Read more

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QUIZ: Describe your midterm week and we’ll tell you which Reese Witherspoon movie/show you are!

Happy midterm season Hoyas! Looking for a quick study break? Here’s a quiz (don’t fret, it’s a fun one!) to determine which Reese Witherspoon movie you belong in! This will... Read more

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All caught up with the Kardashians

“Kim, there’s people that are dying,” would probably be most people’s reactions if I told them I shed a tear after learning that the iconic reality TV show, Keeping Up... Read more