Anuj Dutta

Anuj Dutta is a freshman in the college studying biochemistry. He loves all things hockey, especially the New Jersey Devils!

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A Quick Guide to D.C. Sports

An important part of settling into a new place is familiarizing yourself with the local sports teams. Washington D.C. has a rich professional sports environment, with teams from the MLB,... Read more

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What does Zion’s Return Means for Lonzo?

On Wednesday January 22, Zion Williamson lived up to the years of hype as he made his NBA debut against the San Antonio Spurs. While his highlight-reel dunks did not... Read more

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What Happened to the Devils this Season?

The hype was certainly there. In a preseason article, ten out of twenty analysts had the Devils making the playoffs, with most predictions placing them in a top three spot... Read more