Allison Reagan

<i>The Disaster Artist</i>, a Brilliant Masterpiece

The Disaster Artist, a Brilliant Masterpiece


It is difficult to make a movie more terrible than The Room. And it is even more difficult to make a movie about the making of The Room without it being equally as ridiculous, cringe-worthy, and uncomfortable to sit through as the original. But cult classic fans, rejoice! James Franco rose to the challenge. In…

A Recluse Revealed in <i>Rebel in the Rye</i>

A Recluse Revealed in Rebel in the Rye


Few people left high school without reading J.D. Salinger’s famed literary classic The Catcher in the Rye. Widely regarded as one of the first American novels to truly capture the spirit, angst, and identity of adolescence, Catcher found a receptive audience in the thousands of young people who recognized themselves in the character of Holden…

<i>The Promise</i>: A Love Affair Overshadowed by Atrocity

The Promise: A Love Affair Overshadowed by Atrocity


Over a million and a half Armenian men, women, and children were killed between 1915 and 1923. Distracted by the atrocities of World War I, the world turned a blind eye to an entire population left to perish at the hands of its government and neighbors. The Ottoman government embarked on a systematic mass extermination…

A World that Needs Changing in <i>Stupid F**king Bird</i>

A World that Needs Changing in Stupid F**king Bird


The lights dim. An actor steps forward and scowls at the still-settling audience. “The play will begin when someone says, ‘Start the f**king play,’” he says. There’s silence, hesitation, and then a voice emerges from the audience, “. . . start the f**king play?”   From its opening line, the Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society’s…

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