Anna Ziajka

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The Burial

One day her grandmother, too, will be as much as part of the landscape as the pine trees.


The truth about strangers

Unfortunately, it appears that our mothers’ favorite adage about taking candy from strangers is true. Give your amiable bus driver an inch and he’ll take a mile. Chat with the girl beside you in the Safeway line once and she’ll be lying in wait for you by the shopping carts next time you go to buy cereal. Strike up a conversation with the security guard at your office and next thing you know he’ll stop seeing your 30-year age difference as an obstacle to asking you to dinner.


Say ‘bonjour’ to good taste!

Dapper French gentlemen clad in smoking jackets, their cigars sending smoke spirals up to the ceiling. Portraits of deceased royalty hanging demurely on the walls behind velvet drapes. An aging poodle curled up by the fire. The only thing needed to complete our scene is that Gallically-accented post-consumption treat: the digestif.


Forgotten Science: What Georgetown is doing to improve its waning science program

The facilities date back to the 1960s. The microscopes have outlived some of the teachers. Chronically under-funded and crammed into buildings too small to hold them, Georgetown University’s science programs can hardly measure up to the nationally renowned security studies major, the Jesuit standbys of philosophy and theology or the guaranteed-to-make-money business degree that have traditionally distinguished Georgetown as an institution.


Barack Obama welcomed in Gaston

Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) made an impassioned bid for clean energy in front of an overwhelmingly supportive audience in Gaston Hall yesterday.


Two students arrested in support of Darfur

Two Georgetown University students were led away in plastic handcuffs Saturday after lying down in front of the White House to call attention to the crisis in Darfur.


Thieves raid Wisconsin jeweler

A Georgetown jewelry store was robbed Sunday afternoon in a violent heist that left one of the shop’s owners critically wounded and launched a district-wide search for the trio of suspects..


D.C. youths versus mayor

More than 70 Washington, D.C. youths gathered downtown yesterday morning to protest emergency laws that they say unfairly penalize them for the city’s recent rise in crime.