Annamarie White


I’ll meet you anytime you want in our Italian restaurant

After spending a week in Rome three years ago, it’s largely undisputed that I’m essentially an Italian food connoisseur. Still, it doesn’t take an expert to know that Ghibellina serves great food. Ralph Lee and Ari Gedjenson took a piece of Italy with them when they brought the restaurant Acqua al 2 across the Atlantic and gave it a new home on Capitol Hill.


Baby Wale swims into D.C. with simple, striking menu

Don’t try to order a baby whale at Baby Wale. Instead, I recommend sampling the Mozzarella Porcupine. An unpredictably satisfying cheese dish, it’s topped with Kataifi (shredded Fillo Dough) and complemented by a tomato colis and basil oil dipping sauce, which satisfies both the cosmopolitan palate and the adventurous spirit found in so many Georgetown students. In fact, the Mozzarella Porcupine perfectly encompasses the eclectic atmosphere of one D.C.’s newest restaurants.