Annemarie Cuccia

Annemarie is the Voice's editor in chief and a senior in the SFS who has been described as "well acquainted with vegetables." She's probably the first Oklahoman you've met and takes that responsibility far too seriously.


GUSA Impeaches but Fails to Remove Senator

The GUSA Senate failed to remove Sen. Peter Lee Hamilton (COL ’20) at their Aug. 26 meeting. The vote was ten in favor of removal to six against—one vote away... Read more


GUSA Senate Lays out Goals for Summer

The 14th GUSA Senate set forth its goals for the transition period in an act passed during its June 3 meeting. The legislation was sponsored by Senate transition leadership, Chair... Read more


University announces creation of Office of Student Equity and Inclusion

Georgetown is creating a new Office of Student Equity and Inclusion, according to an email sent by University Provost Robert Groves on May 9. The office will be housed in... Read more


NHS Dean Patricia Cloonan stepping down

Patricia Cloonan, the Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies, is stepping down at the end of this summer and returning to the faculty, according to an email... Read more


Rosemary Kilkenny appointed as first Vice President, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer

Rosemary Kilkenny (L’87, P’06) was appointed to a new, expanded position as the university’s first Vice President, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, President John DeGioia announced in an... Read more


GUSA Senate Elects Transition Chairs

The GUSA Senate met to to elect Senate transition chairs and determine representatives for the next day’s Constitutional Council Hearing on April 16. The positions included the transition chairs on... Read more


Constitutional Council Hears 272 Referendum Complaint

On April 17, the Constitutional Council heard arguments on a case regarding the constitutionality of the 272 referendum that passed the student body on April 11. Rowan Saydlowski (COL ’21)... Read more


New GUSA Senate Sworn in, Constitutional Case Brought on Issue of 272 Referendum

The new GUSA Senate was sworn in at the last meeting of the previous Senate on April 14. Other business included the discussion of a Constitutional Council hearing regarding alleged... Read more


Behind the Scenes, GUSA Policy Teams Work for Change

Asked about her GUSA policy team, Macky Grimm (COL ’21) hesitated. “I don’t really have one,” she said. When pressed, she admitted, “It’s just me.” Grimm, the chair of GUSA’s... Read more


Students vote to create reconciliation fund for GU272 descendants

A referendum to recommend the creation of a reconciliation fund to benefit descendants of people enslaved by Georgetown University passed on April 12. The referendum recommends the establishment of a... Read more