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Sex and Social Disorders

I’m not sure how a comic like writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals #5  got past an editor. It’s not bad (in fact, I would say it’s one... Read more

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Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That: Who Still Cares about the Grumpy Young Bat?

Writer Scott Snyder and Artist Greg Capullo’s Batman series is a line that I have been recommending to people since the start of the DC Comics continuity reboot back in... Read more

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Harley Quinn’s Craziness Is Outstanding

Character development in the superhero genre is harder than you would think. With numerous writers and artists presenting the cape and cowl crowd over and over again, it’s hard for... Read more

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The Life and Times of Two Face

Writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason’s Batman and Two-Face #28 issue is not only an absolutely fantastic comic in itself, but it is also a stellar conclusion to... Read more

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The World’s Weirdest

Writer Paul Levitz’ and artist Diogenes Neves’s World’s Finest: Huntress and Power Girl Annual #1 is a weird comic. Not only is the basic premise hard for even the most... Read more

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Where is the nuance? The new Batman dissapoints

Ever since Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, Batman has experienced an immense rise in popularity.  Not only has the Caped Crusader slowly made his way into almost every DC Comics movie and... Read more

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‘She-Hulk #1’ is a perfect balance

I got to admit, I love She-Hulk. There’s something ridiculously charming about a female hero that not only is comfortable with herself enough to have a sense of humor, but... Read more


RoboCop: I don’t think you’re beautiful, I think you’re bionic

The problem I have with reboots is that they usually end up as retreads of once-original stories in a modern setting and a few more clichés thrown in for surprises.... Read more