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<i>American Made</i> Fails to Address Sensitive Issues

American Made Fails to Address Sensitive Issues


From the very first scene, viewers of American Made know what they are getting themselves into as Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) deliberately startles the sleeping passengers on board by taking the plane he is piloting off autopilot. Seal is not a character who cares about danger or other people’s lives — he just wants to…

Despite Its Compelling Scandal, <i>Gold</i> Falls Flat

Despite Its Compelling Scandal, Gold Falls Flat


Any scandal should be the perfect recipe for a compelling drama, and Gold is based on one of the greatest frauds in history, the 1993 Bre-X mining scandal. This is a story that involves hundreds of millions of dollars lost and lives ruined. But somehow Stephen Gaghan, whose past works include Traffic (2000) and Syriana…

CV: Jill Stein’s <i>circuits to the sun</i>

CV: Jill Stein’s circuits to the sun


2016 Presidential hopeful Jill Stein had a folk rock band in the 1990s called somebody’s sister (intentionally lowercase for some reason). The duo was made up of Stein and folk musician Ken Selcer. This revelation continues the frankly inexplicable trend of politicians having musical careers. But unlike Bernie’s folk album or Martin O’Malley’s open mic…

It’s Accounting, What Could Be Boring About That?

It’s Accounting, What Could Be Boring About That?


The Accountant is the latest offering from director Gavin O’Connor (Warrior, Miracle). The crime drama offers very little in the way of crime and even less in the way of drama. The story of a criminal accountant lacks emotional weight and fails to make up for it with a remotely compelling plot. Even with a…

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