Chris Heller


Literary Tools: Comic book of revelations

I love a good end-of-days story. But the doomsday genre, which was once packed with literature like The Stand and Lucifer’s Hammer, lay fallow for the better part of my life, tainted by the hyper-Christian, Rapture-inspired fiction like Left Behind and Kevin Costner-directed schlock like The Postman. Luckily, the apocalypse was saved.


Censure for censor? Accepting a blogger’s remorse

At least once a week, I censor my peers. This is an aspect of my job as editor of Vox Populi, the staff blog of the Voice, that I rarely question. Inappropriate comments, like those that include slurs or offensive language, always catch my attention as if they have flashing lights attached to them.


Acting like a Jackass still pays

A lot can change in a decade. In 2000, the highest-grossing movie in the country was Meet the Parents. Nobody knew the name Barack Obama. A “face book” was a printout with names attached to photos. And a group of drug-addled skaters became famous for filming stunts and pranks on MTV. Some things never change.


Literary Tools: No, but I saw the movie

Adapting a book can be a tricky business. On rare occasions, an adapted movie can transcend its source, but more often than not, it loses some of the elements that readers loved. Book snobs, the lot of pretentious bastards that they are, often rightly criticize adaptations for failing to live up to original texts.


Tombs manager lays his career to rest

Last weekend, William Watts had a lot to handle. Homecoming Weekend brought a flood of customers to the Tombs, and a private party had reserved F. Scott’s for the evening. At the same time, these were just the last few days of his 35-year career managing three Georgetown restaurants. Just one last push.


Movies? Where!?

When you’ve exhausted all your on-campus excuses to avoid the rapidly growing pile of work on your desk, it might be time to escape to the movie theater. That’s right, the actual theater. Sure, the unscrupulous among us may be content to download the latest releases, but that can never truly stack up against the true movie-going experience.


Literary Tools: Stranger than “faction”

Glenn Beck is a man of many talents. He draws millions of people to their radios every day. He gets millions more to tune into his Fox News show. And he wrote a terrible novel that hit the stands this July and immediately jumped to the top of the New York Times Bestseller List.


Animal Aussies

Drugs, guns, and bank robberies abound in Animal Kingdom. But don’t expect an action film. Animal Kingdom, the debut film from director David Michôd, is a slow-burning drama that just happens to involve action tropes.


Student info sold to bank

Contracts disclosed under federal law reveal that the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union and the Georgetown University Alumni Association signed a seven-year, $2.8 million affinity agreement with Bank of America in 2007.


Freshman again: The trials of a transfer student

Think about how you felt when you first moved to college. Think about all of your anxieties, hopes, and expectations. Think about how you thought it would be perfect. Now imagine you hated it and left. That’s what it’s like to be a transfer student at a new school.