Chris Heller


Mo’ Fest

Get your whiskers ready, it’s moustache-growing season. Movember, the month previously known as November, is right around the corner. What is Movember, you ask? It’s only the best opportunity to... Read more


Wild Things will make your heart sing

Life can be scary. You and I may not have to face off against humongous monsters that gnash their terrible teeth and roll their terrible eyes and show their terrible... Read more


Klosterman’s critical theory

We all rely on gimmicks. We discover actions that please us—a particular manner of speaking with hand gestures, crossing a left leg over a right knee, incessantly quoting The Hangover—then... Read more


Balancing silent days and noisy nights

Get the flash player here: During a typical afternoon in the Atlas District, the businesses along H Street NE are closed, windows shuttered, and doors locked. The only crowds... Read more


Nostalgic for talking toys

What is it about nostalgia that attracts audiences? The afternoon showing of Toy Story & Toy Story 2 in 3D I attended last weekend was filled with teenagers and young... Read more


Telling the future

Twenty years ago, the “Future of Music” was compact discs (remember those?). Ten years ago, the “Future” was all about mp3s, Napster, and peer-to-peer file sharing. Curious about the future... Read more


Lez’hur Ledger: Partying with the Jackal

In the age of man, few names stand out as true pillars of social progress. Socrates. Napoleon. Einstein. Men who grab history by the throat and—against all odds—wrestle it to submission. Hot, sweaty submission. Claude Jackal is one of those men.


For your Information!

If you spend tireless nights fantasizing about what Matt Damon would look like if he put on some weight and grew a beefy moustache, you might want to sit down.... Read more


Supernatural effect of a 13 year-old’s first album

Until I was thirteen, I never owned a CD. Or a cassette tape. Not even an old eight-track. The only vinyl in my life was a yellow rain coat. The... Read more


Extract eludes expectations

Mike Judge knows stupid. In fact, he’s made a career out of reminding us that our neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers are painfully dumb. Dumb enough to make American Idol... Read more