Chris Castano


Isaac Copeland: A Star in the Making

He’s a Hoya, stands six-foot-nine, and plays small forward. He’s tall, lanky, and prefers making plays that don’t always make it into the box score. And he might just be... Read more


Out of Control: No need for a throwback Thursday for many of our childhood titles

Nineties kids and nostalgia go hand-in-hand like cats and the internet. Much like the patrons of these videos, the current makeup of the gaming market is young. So many published... Read more


Out of Control: Say goodbye to griefers, hello teamwork

Some of my fondest gaming memories happened at my local public library. Every so often, my brother and I would bike there to take advantage of its setup of multiple... Read more


Men’s lacrosse falls against Towson

The Georgetown men’s lacrosse team (0-2, 0-0 Big East) suffered a 9-6 loss to the Towson Tigers (2-1, 0-0 CAA) in their home opener. The Hoyas fell behind early in... Read more


Out of Control: It’s dangerous to travel alone through an uncontinous story

Like any self respecting Legend of Zelda fan, my gullet spewed rainbows when Nintendo released Hyrule Historia, their compendium of all things Triforce. And like the rest of my quasi-Kokiri... Read more


Men’s basketball blows by St. John’s

Freshman guard Isaac Copeland defied his years once again to help the Georgetown men’s basketball team (17-8, 9-5 Big East) put together another strong conference win, this time against St.... Read more


Out of Control: New Pokémon games aren’t very effective…

Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver version are the greatest installments of the series to date. There. I said it. Pokémon is the undisputed champion of handheld role-playing games. It is... Read more


Out of Control: Patience is a virtue—even in the digital world

I’ve never pre-ordered a game. I would like to say that is because I’m patient when it comes to snagging the newest releases, but it usually comes down to the... Read more


Out of Control: So much Assassin’s Creed, So Little Gameplay

I haven’t played Assassin’s Creed V  yet… and I’m incredibly nervous for when I finally do. My relationship with the series has evolved over the five years I’ve spent with... Read more


Curtain Call: The diversity of Georgetown’s theater scene

Few come to Georgetown for the theater scene. Until recently, the university did not even have a theater major or administrative structures to support acting or set design. In spite of... Read more