Cyrus Bordbar


Internships: Opportunities or virtual slavery?

Yesterday, I spent about half an hour interviewing over the phone. If I’m lucky and the interview turns out to be a success, I will have the opportunity to spend the summer away from my family and friends, in “accommodations” provided by my employer, working 40-hour weeks, and earning exactly zero dollars. This might sound terrifying to some people. Modern-day indentured servitude, others might call it. And yet I’m kind of hoping I get the job.


Another hamburger restaurant

I’m no economist, but if there’s one business that should be recession-proof, it’s hamburgers. They’re cheap and delicious, and America—the increasingly overweight nation that it is—loves them in all forms,... Read more


Korean carts on K

K Street is an area known principally for its lobbyists and influence peddlers, but within a block of the intersection of 14th and K Street, two Korean food carts hope... Read more


A new fusion for U Street

Masa 14 feels a little out of place. Barely a week old, the swanky restuarant that is owned and operated by two successful chefs sits across the street from a... Read more


Sushi sticks its landing

When the Voice last checked up on Sticky Rice in January 2007, it was, in writer Chris Norton’s words, a “gutted brick rowhouse skeleton.” The Atlas District restaurant still is,... Read more


Multicultural chicken delight

Nando’s is a restaurant with an identity crisis. Founded in South Africa by Portuguese immigrants, it serves a unique brand of chicken with a distinctive Mozambican influence. Though it’s a... Read more


Fire-crotched and shit-stained monsters in Tokyo!

Japan is a crazy place. Forget all the ridiculous stuff you’ve read on the internet; if Tokyo! is to be believed, the land of the rising sun is full of... Read more


The (not so) Great Buck Howard

The Great Buck Howard doesn’t deserve the following review. It never meant to offend, and I hate to be so hard on it. Nothing about the film is storm-angrily-from-the-theater bad;... Read more


Watchmen: stunningly mediocre, graphically bold

I felt lost and confused while first reading the graphic novel Watchmen some three or four years ago. It was dark and gritty and proved difficult to grasp initially. I... Read more


Critical Voices: Neko Case

On the cover of her new album, Middle Cyclone, Neko Case  perches atop the hood of a ‘70s muscle car, wielding a giant sword. Needless to say, it is a... Read more