Connor Jones

Connor Jones is the former editor-in-chief of the Georgetown Voice. Before that, he edited its blog, Vox Populi and the features section. He was a double major in mathematics and economics and is from Atlanta, Ga. He can be reached at


Saxa Politica: The case for a satellite campus

GUSA leaders talk at length about the need to “start a campus discussion” surrounding whether to create a satellite campus. In the same breath, they condemn it as an abomination... Read more


Saxa Politica: The dog days of summer

It’s well known that organizations announce bad news on Friday afternoons. However, instead of these Friday news dumps, the University has been engaging in “summer news dumps.” In place of... Read more


Saxa Politica: Kegging it back to campus

Last week, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson lifted the years-old ban on having multiple kegs in University-owned housing. While Olson’s move is the most recent in the first... Read more


The limits on free expression: Red tape and Red Square

In 1989 the University implemented the speech and expression policy, which guarantees members of the University access to public space on campus to discuss issues, as well as demarcates the boundaries of Georgetown’s unrestricted free-speech zone to Red Square.


Five tickets start competing for GUSA presidency

Early Thursday morning, five campaigns declared their candidacies for the presidency and vice presidency of Georgetown University Student Association. Campaigning will last for two weeks until voting starts on Wednesday, Feb. 20 and the election is called on Thursday, Feb. 21.


Math Department plans to propose new PhD program

Georgetown’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics is planning for a new PhD program, a proposal for which may be formally submitted for approval by the University as soon as the fall of 2013. Currently, the Math Department is the only science program at Georgetown that does not support a PhD program.


Casting a major: The success of Georgetown’s theater department

“When I came here, we had four co-curricular theater groups, [which] were doing anywhere from eight to 10 shows a year—that is an extraordinary amount of activity for a university of our size,” said Ted Parker, a retired theater professor who came to Georgetown in 1999. “A friend of my father’s was a theater professor at [a small college]. They had about 10 people in their faculty. They did four shows a year, and they thought that was about all they could handle.”


Critical Voices: Ellie Goulding, Halcyon

If Ke$ha embodies the crass and gaudy character of American electropop, singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding brings a British sensibility and sensitivity to the genre, asserting that, in the words of Downton Abbey’s Lady Grantham, “vulgarity is no substitute for wit.” In her sophomore release, Halcyon, Ellie Goulding showcases her strength as a subdued vocalist, building upon her recognizable brand of synthetic, high-energy folktronica. Lyrically, however, the album lacks originality and fails to channel Goulding’s voice into anything more than sweet, medium-paced dance records—a style she’s already perfected.


A college Facebook deserter’s search for friends IRL

Sometimes I look around at my peers at Georgetown and think, “Huh, these must be the people who actually enjoyed high school.” In that, I mean Georgetown students love the... Read more


Students struggle with campus business policy

The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative has the broad mission to encourage undergraduate students to start their own businesses. However, such businesses are prohibited by Student Affairs policies, which student entrepreneurs say has led to a system of selective enforcement.