Elizabeth Short


“Mail gate” explained: Reasons behind package delays

As students returned to campus after winter break, many began bombarding Flok—a popular, anonymous messaging app—to post complaints about mail room delays.


DC Bike Party cruises through campus

On Feb. 8, over 700 people dressed in tutus, prom dresses, and tuxedo t-shirts biked, skated, and hover-boarded across campus, to student cheers.


GU French department greets Emmanuel Macron at White House

Georgetown faculty and students in the French department welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron at a White House ceremony on Dec. 1.

DC News

Initiative 82, which will raise wages for tipped workers, passes in the District

Initiative 82 passed with overwhelming support, meaning the tipped minimum wage will gradually increase to $16.10.


Georgetown Ukrainian Society visits Lithuanian Embassy in effort to expand cultural education on Eastern Europe

Members of Georgetown’s Ukrainian Society had the opportunity to join students from Gettysburg College at the Lithuanian Embassy on Sept. 23.