Emmy Buck


Not so Happy with Happy: Examining Disability Issues in Theater

As I sat on the hard plastic of a rigid chair in the auditorium of the Walsh Black Box Theater, watching the twists and turns of “Happy” unfold before my... Read more


Buck Wild: The luck of the Irish

The recent celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and the onslaught of midterms has everyone searching Healy Lawn for four leaf clovers. Students have started to knock on wood, sleep facing... Read more


Promance: Star athletes that make it work

The fatal day of chocolate kisses and giant red hearts is upon us—Valentine’s Day, the day when our thoughts turn to the love and relationships in our lives. But as... Read more


Buckwild: The Dopiest Armstrong

I bought into the idea of Lance Armstrong. I bought into the idea sold by the bright yellow bracelets with an embossed “Livestrong” embedded in the rubber. I watched every... Read more


Buck Wild: Cheer-leading the charge for minimum wage

Professional cheerleading squads have become an integral part of sports entertainment. These women wave pom poms around, kick the air with spirit and deliver ostentatious smiles to the crowd. Professional... Read more


BuckWild: Feeding america’s hunger for competition

Competitive eating has become a delicious part of our nation’s sporting history. What started as pie eating contests at county fairs has turned into major sport. Many Americans only go... Read more


Buck Wild: Hot heads and hot rods

The world of NASCAR was shocked when Tony Stewart killed 20-year-old Kevin Ward, Jr. on Aug. 9, 2014 at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York. Millions of viewers watched Ward’s... Read more


Buck Wild: Fútbol, not football

“Gooooooooaaaaaaallllll!” blares over the speakers, echoing throughout the airport terminal. Everybody freezes for a single moment to listen to the announcement and then erupts in a wild flurry of overzealous... Read more

Halftime Sports

Ultimate Frisbee: It’s Actually a Sport?

Who ever thought Ultimate Frisbee would enter the big leagues? A few years ago, it was questioned whether it should even be considered a sport. Now you can catch your... Read more

Halftime Sports

Inside the Mind of Marcus Smart

Once again, basketball lives on as a sport of unpredictable and explosive emotions. During OSU’s game against Texas Tech last Saturday, Marcus Smart seemed to channel the aggression of Ron... Read more