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On the Record: GUSA candidates Hunter Estes and Richard Howell

The Voice sat down with GUSA executive candidates Hunter Estes (SFS’19) and Richard Howell (SFS ’19) to discuss their platform of cost, community, and charity and their plans for tuition... Read more


Chad Gasman: How one GUSA senator hopes to #FEMMEtheHilltop

“I think Chad’s probably the first non-binary person to serve on the senate, which is a big thing,” said Juan Martinez (SFS ‘20), a GUSA senator. “It’s obviously predominantly white,... Read more


Renovations Planned for St. William and Copley Crypt chapels

The university has unveiled initial designs for renovations to St. William and Copley Crypt chapels. The new changes should help prevent water damage and improve liturgical life in the chapels.... Read more


Administrators Share Tools for Supporting Undocumented Students

University administrators explained the recent rescinding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and ways to support undocumented students at an information session in the HFSC Social Room.... Read more


An ACTS to Grind: The Road to Unionizing DC Charter Schools

“We had put in a ton of work throughout the entire year, and then to have that all be for naught in the end was discouraging.” David Koenig spearheaded an effort... Read more


Lavender Graduation celebrates LGBT students

Around 120 students from Georgetown’s undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools were recognized as a part of the LGBTQ Resource Center’s Lavender Graduation. The ceremony celebrated the achievements of graduating LGBT... Read more


GU F.R.E.E., GIA hold demonstrations during GAAP Weekend

About 10 students with GU Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment (GU F.R.E.E.) demonstrated in the ICC Galleria, where student clubs were tabling as a part of GAAP Weekend. Students from... Read more


Georgetown students and faculty join March for Science

About 150 Georgetown students and faculty joined the March for Science in downtown Washington, D.C to advocate for the importance of scientifically informed policy.The Washington march was the main protest... Read more


Despite Clichés, Their Finest Inspires in the Face of Darkness

With the recently-released film The Zookeeper’s Wife and the anticipated summer release of  Dunkirk, World War II films are proving to be all the rage this year. Although the war... Read more

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Taste Test: Peeps

This week on Taste Test, Erika Bullock is joined by Danielle Hewitt, Graham Piro and Isaiah Seibert to learn the history behind the popular easter confection, Peeps!