Jack Townsend

Jack is the Voice's executive news editor.

Carrying On

Carrying On: I Promise I’m Not A Luddite

Can you be both a Luddite and a computer science major? I study computers and the internet in class but I never publicly interact on social media. I want to... Read more

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices: Jack Townsend Promises He’s Not a Luddite

In this episode of Fresh Voices, assistant Voices editor Julia Pinney talks with Jack Townsend, who wrote “I Promise I’m Not a Luddite” in this week’s issue, on stands now.... Read more


Stressed and Silent: Georgetown’s Culture and Mental Health

Will Emery (COL ’19) has noticed that Georgetown students have the same conversation over and over as midterm season arrives. “They go, ‘How are you?’ ‘Well, I have nine tests,... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Brand New Leo’s, Same Old Mistakes

Last year, we hated Leo’s in a semi-endearing way. Then Georgetown told us they were making it better. Instead, Leo’s has found new and improved ways to fail at dining.... Read more


Georgetown Holds Conference on 500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation

A two day conference last week celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and sought to explore the dynamic between the Lutheran and Catholic communities. John Borelli, the event’s... Read more