Juliana Brint


Hoops 2.0: Hoyas take it to the net

Georgetown’s star sophomore Greg Monroe seemed to have a case of the Mondays this week. “Monday is the worst day of the week. Everyday is the same and so r... Read more


Six feet under GU

In 1931, construction on Georgetown’s newest dormitory, Copley Hall, hit an unexpected roadblock: workers who were clearing a heavily overgrown area 100 feet north of the planned residence hall had uncovered a long-forgotten cemetery.


Bloggers gone wild

“You didn’t get this from me,” a student I had talked to for a few past news stories wrote me on GChat a couple of weeks ago, “But this is... Read more


DCRA inspects Philly P

Matt Kocak, the owner of Philly Pizza and Grill, says he’s doing everything he can to be a model small-business owner. He spent $250,000 on repairs and improvements when the... Read more


Money needed in the Golden State

Living in California, you quickly get accustomed to political mortification. From electing an Austrian action movie hero Governor to passing Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage after the state’s Supreme... Read more


Let’s talk about sex (columns), baby

Am I really “insecure and therefore date a myriad of boys to fuel [my] self-esteem”? Am I engaging in “sloppy dance floor make-outs, desperate dating habits and countless relationships that... Read more


On the Record with President John DeGioia

University President John DeGioia sat down with reporters this Tuesday to discuss the 2010 Campus Plan, expanding wireless Internet, the future of the science center, and more. Interview transcribed, edited,... Read more


This summer’s six biggest stories

2010 Campus Plan Every ten years, Georgetown must draw up a new campus plan and present it to the District of Columbia Board of Zoning Adjustment. The plan dictates how... Read more


10 Year Plan: Then and Now

On a Saturday morning in late May, a handful of Georgetown administrators gathered at the nearby Duke Ellington School for a five-hour sparring match with the neighbors. It was the... Read more


Three new diversity groups

University President John DeGioia announced the formation of three new working groups at a public forum Monday evening to address campus diversity issues—concerns first brought up by the Student Commission... Read more