Kaei Li

She Runs the World

She Runs the World: Graduate School and Intersectionality

Welcome to She Runs the World, the Voice‘s podcast on women’s issues in various careers and disciplines. In the inaugural episode, Kaei Li and Emily Jaster talk with Cassie Herbert about her experience... Read more


Growing up Godless

I’m three or four years old, holding up a popsicle stick cross I made in day care for my mom to see. I had colored it using pink washable marker... Read more


The Hateful Forces That Trump Unleashed

I was going to write a lofty piece analyzing the political rhetoric and its contribution to the ideologically segregated country. I was going to write about how the premium TV... Read more


Illusions of Inclusivity: Looking Beyond Snapshots of Diversity

Over the summer, a picture on Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s Instagram went viral for its lack of racial diversity. The photo was of a group of interns, all... Read more