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How to Be Single: Fun, Energetic, and Relevant

A film depicting the single life of millennials was long overdue. We are constantly bombarded with articles that talk about the different ways our generation views love and enters into... Read more

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American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, A Long-Awaited Success

American Crime Story’s concept is attention grabbing as is, so I had high expectations for the premiere. I must say, as I had expected, the show really delivered. As an... Read more

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Attack of the Drones: Muse Live at the Verizon Center

When it comes to a five star rock concert, look no further than Muse. Their tour for their latest album, Drones, is proof that things get better with age. Muse... Read more


Shutting Down: Access to Health Care on Weekends

As I woke up on a Monday morning, the lower half of my face swollen to an unnatural size, my immediate reaction was panic. At first, I was panicking because... Read more

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“Before They Are Gone” by Leslie Johnston, Touchstone Gallery

As someone who is not a frequent advocate of abstract art, I, surprisingly, thoroughly enjoyed Leslie Johnston’s work. She is first and foremost an environmental scientist by profession, so it comes... Read more


Females and the family feud: Why we deserve to have it all

  Every conversation I have with my mother nowadays seems to end up in the same place: my future.  In my mother’s mind, women of my generation are supposed to... Read more